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11:31pm 25/08/2005
  Life has a funny way of just creeping up on you, attacking you, and taking off. You can let go, or hold on for your fuckin life. Well baby, let me tell you, I'm holdin' on so tight I don't think I'll ever let go. The last 9 months have gone by so fast I can barely remember them. Somehow there's only been one guy, but a hell of a lot of Rock n Roll and Booze. I'm finally content. I know life will fuck me and pull it all out from under me soon, but what can I do? All I can say is that if you live life and have regrets, you're just not doing the damn thing any justice. I hope that when life pulls out from under me and leaves me flat on my back with nothing to hold on to, anyone who reads this will remind me of it and kick my ass for forgetting.  

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Never gone for good   
10:36am 11/08/2005
  I've been gone for a long, long time. I have a way of simply disappearing, most people love it, some people miss me. Either way, I'm back.  

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12:59am 12/02/2005
  Sat Feb. 12th
Duane Peters Gunfight
The Misguided
all ages $10
Beer w/id
51 Buckingham

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Go to these   
11:21pm 02/02/2005
  FRI the 4th
all ages beer w/id


a special in store appearance
THE STREET DOGS doing an acoustic set a 5pm FREE!!!!!!!
273 w. second st.

And by the way, I have stupid fucking cunt Pomona meter maids.

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12:30am 27/01/2005
  I'm so fucking lost right now. Maybe I know where I am, I just don't want to admit it. I kept telling myself it would be like this, but I was secretly hoping it wouldn't. I guess it's just the Pennylane in me.  

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11:28am 25/01/2005
  I broke down and got a myspace....
add me if you want.

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12:22am 24/01/2005
  Some of my new pics...let me know what you think about them.

more picsCollapse )

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He's finally had enough of running   
11:08am 23/01/2005
mood: bored
So the lady that did my body paint e-mailed me and said that the photographer wanted to talk to me. So I called him and I guess he had a model that cancelled on him today, so he wants to take that time to do a portfolio for me. So I guess I'm driving out to Hesperia so we can take a bunch of pictures, I don't even like taking pictures. But for some reason, I'm doing it. Last night was pretty chill, I was at work and Annie came down to hang out, then Ron and Kathy showed up, then Ed came and hung out. It was definately good to see everyone. River City Rebels are coming back to town soon...I need a fuckin smoke.

"I hear them coming to me from another world."

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10:32am 21/01/2005

Your 80s Theme Song:

Your 80s Theme Song is I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett


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11:15pm 20/01/2005
  * Scan my interest list. List the one that seems the most odd to you.

* I'll explain it.

* Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

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08:18pm 20/01/2005
  Yesterday Gonzo came back from Arizona, we hung out for a bit, then Danny wanted him to go to the Lakers game, so him and I went to Danny's. We get there and there are two limos, and like 14 other people. Everyone was partying in the Limo, it was pretty fun, but I didn't party like them. So we went to the Lakers game and met up with Ernest and his chick and watched the game, then afterwards we went to some bar out by the Staples Center, then to some bar in Long Beach. Gonzo knew everyone of course and so we hung out with the guy from Final Conflict and a guy from Icons of Filth. It was good times, but I was feeling really sick, so I didn't have a blast. So we went home and I crashed at Gonzo's....and that was that.  

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Then you left me behind   
07:53am 19/01/2005
mood: sick
Being sick and not being able to skip school is fucking lame...kinda makes me wish I was back in high school. Not quite though, I'm not that desperate. Anyways, I'm fucking dying, but it's cool. Gonzo went to Arizona yesterday, I swear I'll never get to fucking see him. He's supposed to come back today...but we'll see. Yesterday Dingo came over for a bit and hung out with me after he got off of work and Kevin called me just to bullshit....Gonzo still says they all just want to fuck me. Lame. Anyways, I have school and death and what not, later.

"My baby's gone and left me, left me all alone. My baby's gone, and left me all alone, so alone, I want my baby home."

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08:03pm 16/01/2005
  Yesterday I left work around 5, picked up a cake and some decorations, and went to my sister's house to decorate for her surprise party. Did all that, hung out, drank some beers, Ryan and Trent came down, chilled. It was fun. Then Gonzo called and he had finally come home and couldn't get in the store because I had the keys, so I went down there around midnight, we got a pitcher of beer and hung out at the shop for awhile, then went to his house. We fell asleep so fast, it was really nice. I was so stoked he had come back. I've had a mad cold lately, so I slept all day instead of going to work, I woke up about 20 mins ago. Mmmm so nice to sleep.  

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11:34am 14/01/2005

You Are 21 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


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10:06pm 13/01/2005
  01. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

02. I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.

03. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.

04. Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

05. You must then put this in your journal.

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Through the darkness   
09:07am 13/01/2005
mood: annoyed
So let me ramble, because I can, you don't have to read, but if you do, forgive me for making no sense. I love Rock N Roll, and lately that's what my life has been. But now it feels like it's going to be very dull again. Gonzo had his baby, that means there aren't so many nights of hanging out and watching movies, or driving to the key club just for a drink and then going to see Mark Mahoney. No more car trips, no more Osuna's. Yeah, he's gonna be all wrapped up in his baby, which by all means is fucking awesome for him, and I'm happy for him, but that just about cuts my Rock N Roll in half. How stupid is it that he's been gone since Saturday night and I miss him a bunch? I'm not being fucking emo, shut up. The other thing is that I'm back in fucking stupid school, damn I hate that place, I think I'd rather have someone cut off my hands than go to school. Just maybe, I'm not too sure about that, hands are kind of nice to have. I saw Scott not too long ago, in case you weren't around then, he was the one that made me believe love is just a huge fucking scam when I was 16. He finally left Jill, and Chad told Annie he's still crazy about me. Well maybe if he would have left her a year ago it would have mattered, but me even getting back into that is like begging to have a semi park on my neck. Yup, I'm gonna get ready for an uneventful day at work now.

"Take me by the hand, take me in for a one night stand."

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08:27pm 12/01/2005
  The lady who painted me for the body paint thing did a sketch of me...


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11:35pm 10/01/2005
  Today was the first day of school, no matter what, I will always fucking hate school. Everyone said if you hate high school you'll love college, what the fuck? The only difference is if I don't wake up in time for school I don't have to get a note. Fuck it. I had Geography, Small Business Management, and History of Rock 'N Roll today. I was the only one in my rock class that was able to answer that the first band to be considered rock 'n roll was Bill Haley and the Comets, fucking morons. I know some people in my business class though, so that shouldn't be so bad. Gonzo's baby was born today...yeah, I almost got sick when he told me. I just know I'm gonna lose, I know he'll end up with Rosie again and I'll be fucked, the guys I'm with always end up with their exes. I guess I'm just born to lose. Fuck it. I have a mad headache so I'm gonna crash.  

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10:52am 09/01/2005
  So I'm never around anymore, and I don't mind so much. Rock N Roll baby. Yeah, I just hang out with Gonzo everyday, and usually crash at his house or at the shop. But now he's in Orange County with his ex because she's having their baby on Monday. Yeah, I'm not too into it, but what can I do? Today will be quiet, I'll be the only one at work, I'm thinking I might call Ben to see if he wants to come hang out since the rain will kill all our business.  

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11:59pm 25/12/2004
  Every year, I wear out a stereo, how? I don't know. So every year for Christmas, I get a new one, this one is pretty cool. I got some cool stuff, but I'm not gonna list it all. Pointless post, but eh.  

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